We all think all the time. About life, politics, success, work, ourselves, others… It’s the most constant thing we do, and it affects our lives continuously. But it’s rare to think about how we think. Education teaches us subjects, and equips us with knowledge, but generally, not with effective mechanisms for how to think.

That’s important because of the complexity we’re facing. We’re constantly juggling information and tasks around our heads, and other places. Our ‘natural’ ways of thinking haven’t evolved to manage that complexity, and get overwhelmed. We don’t feel in control of all the possibilities.  Our potential is dissipated by the struggle just to stay on top of it all, whilst trying to think effectively about what’s in front of us.

In an increasingly fast moving world, managing our minds is the fundamental skill we need to develop in order to feel calmer, in control, and ultimately at our best.

Fellowship of Mind is about developing that skill, breaking the curse of assumed knowledge by challenging existing processes and developments, and building habits across a range of areas, to equip you with the most important technology that’s going to define your success over the next decade – mind management.

We’re interested in things that are worth thinking about, and how to think about them, with the mental apparatus we have for doing so.

Our goal is to empower and improve our audience individually, with the aim of creating better conditions for thinking collectively. That’s the ideal we’re aiming for. Our mission is to make the arena of mind management accessible, and realisable for you.

We won’t necessarily always find the perfect solution, but as a team, our compass is consistently pointed in that direction. It’s a journey for us, as much as for you, so if there’s something you want further detail on, topics you would like to see covered, or any other areas of feedback, just let us know.

We can’t change the world, but we can, at least, try and change ourselves through good guidance,  practice and effort, motivated by positive intentions .  Welcome to better thinking together, everywhere.