Starting this fellowship to share and learn about “Mind” is the culmination of many conversations, debates and challenges in what is one of, if not “the,” most important arena going forward for humankind – better thinking, together.

It seems as if each day we get involved in numerous activities across our professional, social and personal lives that leave us short of space to take stock, reflect, and think about the best course of action ahead. In corporate terms, it’s known as “firefighting,” and in social terms the feeling of being overwhelmed can result in a loud “ARGH!”

This website of articles is being put together get a sense of better thinking tools, techniques, and real life (sometimes even real-time) events where we have seen “bad decisions,” and delivering the solutions that can help us achieve better thinking everywhere.

Who are we?  Well, we’re a group of coaches, scientists, designers, thought leaders and more from a range of different interests and backgrounds – all with a deep passion for better thinking as a skill, that we can teach and reach more people with.

We are starting this blog to share our knowledge, passion and also learn more about our mission to create better thinking futures and to provide opportunities for contributions to create a “Fellowship of Mind”.  Quality of thinking has never been more relevant. We hope you will find some inspiration, and perhaps a little mind perspiration to take into your lives from posts. Any thoughts or comments are always welcome.

Let the thinking begin. 😉