Han-Son Lee

Han-Son Lee

Jan 132014


A new dawn, or the wrong problem?
We live in the ‘smart’ era, and we hear so much now about ‘smart’ – from smart watches to smart homes, it seems every part of human life is entering the era of smart.  Take the ‘smart’ phone for instance. We know what they are, we probably own one and we live each day with more and more use of it across more and more parts of our lives. And yet it’s easy to forget that smart phones have barely been on the market for a decade.

One of the most interesting areas for us as a team is how the era of ‘smart’ really relates to better thinking. And one of the most interesting areas to that regard is that of smart cities.

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Oct 212013


I act without thinking 

I do not understand what I am doing

I am literally muddling along my activities and regularly feel confused.

I am in a state of thinking disutopia.

 Sound familiar?

At various points throughout the day, it should not be of surprise to you if you find yourself in a similar  scenario. The consequences of stress, increased workloads, and pressure to deliver more quickly mean that we enter into ‘fire fighting’ mode where it seems the one thing that can actually help us, our ability to think more fully, we do less of. Continue reading »

Aug 052013

food-for-thoughtWhen you think of better thinking tools and techniques what comes to mind initially? Books? Workshops? Coaching?

How about chewing gum?

No!? Well a new chewing gum called “Think Gum” has recently come to my attention whilst working in Turkey. It claims to improve your brain power by improving the cognition of its user. I have a potential unease envisioning a product working by forcing your retinas to move at such a rate as to improve cognition for a longer period than normal. This is just my own initial cynicism ofcouse, and nonetheless this area is a sign of another channel of our desire to explore and deliver better thinking. Continue reading »

Jun 212013

what-are-we-measuringWith more information having been produced in the last 2 years than the rest of human history combined, I read with interest recently this article about the context, processes and value behind social scoring. Whilst it’s debatable as to what magnitude of useful and genuine “information” growth there has been (idle “chatter” and streaming episodes of our favourite soaps are all counted in for example), there’s no doubt there’s a lot more information, stored across a lot more servers. Continue reading »

May 152013

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with a friend who works for a large property company running a number of financial programmes. I was amazed to hear of the complexity of the thinking in the range of processes and financial models that she delivers. And yet the same trials and tribulations of thinking seemed apparent in my background and hers! Continue reading »